Spring Weddings 2019

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Love is in the air! Can you feel it? Just a few days after Valentine's Day,  I’m sure a lot of you have been asked one of the most exciting questions your Fiancée/Fiancé has ever asked you... “Will you marry me?” Of course you said YES! They are the love your life. Congratulations!  Now it’s time to start planning your big day. That’s where we come in, Captivation is here to help you discover what style’s are in this season and what colors you should wear to make your wedding look elegant and breathtaking. We can also provide you some recommendations on a wedding planners that Captivation works with as well as some other needs that can help style your wedding to perfection.

So first, let’s start with the styles for your big day. Your traditional wedding is when the Bride wears a white or ivory color in a long wedding gown. The Groom is in a classic black tuxedo, two button with a notch or peak lapel in western culture. Most weddings nowadays are less formal and the gown is a little toned down, but still elegant while staying with the traditional wedding colors of white or ivory. The Groom is dressed in more of a suit.  Most grooms choose to go this route because they can wear it more throughout the year rather than the occasional wear of a tuxedo. A big question I hear is “what is the difference between a tuxedo and a suit”? Well, a tuxedo is the most formal look you can have. The material is typically wool, the color black, satin or grosgrain lapel and has a stripe down the pant where the suit will not have this. But it’s 2019 and you need to keep in mind that this is your wedding and you can design it however you want. It all depends on how formal you and your Fiancée/Fiancé decide to make your wedding.

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Brides, If you and your Fiancée/Fiancé decide on a more formal wedding, you want to find yourself a formal wedding gown.  The length is your personal preference, but get a dress with a v-back and a v-front with lace with or without beads.   You can also choose to have a long or short veil. Grooms, you can choose to wear the classic black tuxedo. Another option can be to go with a blue tuxedo or to get a little more unique, you can wear another color with the classic tuxedo trim. Now, when it comes to getting fitted, you probably want to look at rentals. That is fine, but understand the rental route will not fit all body types and it may not give you that GQ look you are looking for. Besides a rental can only be altered so much. If your Fiancée/Fiancé is buying the dress, you should look into buying your tux too. That way you get what you want not only in the fit but in the style you want as well.  The groomsmen can take the rental route, especially if you plan on wearing tuxedos. Just remember it’s you and your Fiancée/Fiancé who are the centerpiece of it all and all eyes are on you two. Plus, it will look even better if the two of you are wearing something specifically fitted for you.

For a more casual setting for your wedding, the Bride may be more comfortable walking down the aisle if they choose a v-front, perhaps something with ruffles on it or a nice v-back.  Strapless options are endless. For the Groom you could choose to wear a charcoal suit, which presents the formal look without wearing black or a tuxedo. You could also choose a light to medium blue, but not a navy color.  You don’t want to look like your going to work. A light gray or medium gray would also be acceptable, but don’t be afraid to toss a little bit of pattern in your suit, such as a thin pinstripe, windowpane, or a check. However, no matter what you choose, whether formal or casual, you want to make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen follow suit. You don’t want your wedding party to out dress the bride and groom.

Now to the fun and exciting part besides choosing your wedding dress and suit for your big day. How about choosing your wedding colors! Since it is Spring, you may want to stay away from warm colors, like burgundy, olive, or anything dark. But, keep in mind if you want to choose those colors for your Spring wedding then choose them! I will not say No. Remember, this is your wedding!  In most Spring weddings people choose more vibrant, pastel colors, like rose, mint, light blues, corals, pinks, purples, sage, or orange. Just think of flower colors. Don’t be shy or worry about wearing colors too vibrant or pastel. With any of these colors you can make more masculine or give them a feminine touch. It all depends on how you put it all together with what you are wearing. Have the confidence and you can wear anything!

If you are interested in a wedding planner,  we highly recommend Heidi Luse with NuBlu Events. Check out her instagram page http://www.instagram.com/nubluevents. Heidi along with other amazing people including Captivation have been featured in Rocky Mountain Bride magazine. Also, be sure to check out the other companies that helped out with the elegant wedding photos shown in this blog.

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         Wedding Planner & Designer:  NuBlu Events


-          Florist & Designer: Bella Lu Floral:


-          Photographers:

o   Spika Photography:


o   Jennie Crate Photography:


-          Calligrapher: Emily Howell Calligraphy:


-          Catering: All Love Catering:


-          Venue: Blanc


-          Cake Designer: Cassie’s Confections


-          Rentals: Event Rents


-          Table Linens: Chair Covers & Linens


-          Bridal Boutique: Blue Bridal Boutique


-          Gown Designer: Blue Bridal Exclusive Gown | Over Skirt Designer: Heidi Elnora’s “Build-a-Bride” Collection

-          Suit: Captivation


-          Makeup: Mooi Studio


-          Hair: Denver Mobile Hair


-          Dj: Skyline Productions


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